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Restoration for your Sunset Swings

Sunset Swing Replacement Parts

Dont replace your old Sunset Swing, restore it to like-new condition with Ultimate Comfort Living’s full line of Sunset Swings restoration kits.

We specialize in custom aftermarket poly-wood replacement parts and UCLs Exclusive Custom Fabric options that you won’t find anywhere else!

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After many years of exposure, any outdoor furniture will end up with a look that is less than desirable: Sun bleached wood, scorched metal finish and faded brittle fabric


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Replace the wood with element our exclusive weather resistant polywood. Replace the fabric with your  color choice and add your own style, and then use our metal restoration solution to make your Sunset Swing look as good (or better) than when you got it.

Outdoor Swing Parts and Restoration Is Easy & Affordable

We love the new fabric and synthetic wood parts. I think you will agree it came out great. Looks better than new. The refinishing of the steel actually was quite easy with the EverBrite product. It will use a quart to do the two coats necessary to get this result, but much cheaper and easier than trying to paint it. You simply clean the swing first then with a dust free cloth you soak it, ring it out some and wipe on the metal. You don’t have to worry about hitting the bolts and such as you can cover them too. I actually wiped it on the headrest and footrest too and honestly as you can see I don’t need the replacements for those parts any longer. . Also notice the before photo where it had gotten greasy hand marks on it over the years and the Everbrite covered it right up by just wiping it on.

We appreciate your help in getting the Sunset Swing kit … all the best!

Jon and Lisa P.

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