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DeLorean Alpha5 NFT Build Slot Giveaway!!!

Receive exclusive access to secure your place in line for a randomized Alpha5 production slot, valued at $2,500

This NFT gives the winner an opportunity to own a build slot for one of the first Apha5’s coming off the production line. Please see our staff to get more information on how to increase your chances of winning.

New To Alpha5 NFT Giveaway Platform?

All you have to do is sign up, and off you go, entering the giveaway to win the NFT. Welcome Back to the Future!

You’ll be able to log into DeLorean Flex, the DeLorean Exchange, once you’ve successfully won your build or production slot. DeLorean Flex allows you to transfer, trade, or sell your production slot to other Alphas Club Members. Members who were unable in obtaining a manufacturing slot may buy one from another Alphas Club Member on the DeLorean Exchange.

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Go to to find out more about the new Alpha5, become a member and purchase the Production Slot NFT, it is always great to have as many as possible, you can access the Marketplace where you can trade, sell them directly, or put out for auction.

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