ABCs of Spa Chemistry and Hot Tub Chemicals

ABCs of Spa Chemistry and Hot Tub Chemicals:

Hot tub water care is an essential aspect of owning a hot tub.  Hot Tub Chemicals ensure clean, clear, and healthy water, it’s important to balance the spa chemical properties of the water and maintain a sanitizing system to control harmful microbes.

Maintain Your Sanitizer: Hot tub water provides an ideal breeding ground for harmful microbes, which can find their way into the water from our bodies, airborne mold spores, algae, and even viruses. To keep the water safe and healthy, it’s important to maintain an effective sanitizing system. Sanitizer options such as Spa AMS Chlorine Sanitizer and Nature2 can effectively destroy microbes and keep the water free of contaminants.

Shock Treat: Regular shock treatment is necessary to remove dead organic material left behind by the sanitizer system and non-filterable contaminants such as dirt, soap films, hair spray, and perspiration. These contaminants can provide a food source for bacteria and algae. Shock treatments eliminate them and help the sanitizer perform at peak efficiency. AMS Shock non-chlorine shock is a recommended shock treatment.

Hot Tub Chemical:
Control Water Balance: Balanced water is neither too alkaline nor too acidic and has a more pleasant feel to the skin. The mineral components of spa water should be in the correct proportion to achieve balance. Total Alkalinity (TA) is the measure of all the alkaline material in the water and is an indicator of the water’s buffering capacity. Adjusting TA with compounds such as Alkalinity Increaser, pH Decrease and pH Increase can help balance the water chemistry. Hardness, measured as the amount of dissolved calcium, is also important to prevent equipment corrosion and water foaming problems. Increasing low levels with Increase Calcium is easy.

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