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460 GN Sunset Swing Glider by Ultimate Comfort Living is an example of a well crafted piece of furniture. The two inch precisely sealed, whisper quiet steel ball bearings installed on a steel frame of this top of the line outdoor swing chair glide effortlessly. The wide table in the center has mounted cup holders, making it a picture perfect place for gatherings and parties. It also fits easily under the sun canopy. Up to six individuals can be accommodated outside for years because of the long lasting fabric, sturdy structure, and marine varnished wood trim.

Do not miss the opportunity to change your backyard outdoor experience with the 460 GN Sunset Swing Glider. Call to pick up your Sunset Swing today at 855-763-8882. Like to message us back and forth, please fill out the form, and we can send all the information you may need to make your decision.

Dual Recliner Swings

460 GN Sunset Swing Glider for the Family

You may ask yourself if the sun will deteriorate the canopy’s color. Well, the top is UV protected vinyl coated polyester fabric for outdoor durability. A ten year limited warranty covers your residential use, and we offer this warranty nearly on every item in our patio furniture arsenal. The 460 GN Sunset Swing Glider ties in three different products into one. A little bit of teak oil once a year will keep the table and swings wood appearance to its’ best looking quality.

As stated above, the 460 GN Sunset Swing Glider can be seen as the perfect mix of a dining room table, gazebo, and swing. This is to create an idea of what the Sunset Swing Glider can do.

The Perfect Family Back Yard Swing

We would love to get the 460 GN Sunset Swing Glider in your backyard. Feel free to call us about our other outdoor furniture products at 855-763-8882. Ultimate Comfort Living has all the details to whatever you like, and if you request info on our easy form, our specialist will respond quickly.

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